At least once a week, Kim and I, like many parents in our district are tasked with driving our kids to ball fields and parks across town like Levy Park. We shouldn't have to sit in five o'clock traffic for 45 minutes to drop our kids off at baseball practice.

Fourteen years ago, Bryan Desloge promised to build a park in Northeast Tallahassee.


We're still waiting.


As your next Commissioner, we will get the job done and I will live up to that promise. It doesn't' require moving heaven and earth, just a little dirt from someone with our priorities first. 

We are running a scrappy campaign during a global pandemic against an entrenched political establishment. It is not going to be easy. It is going to take all of us working together to get the word out to our neighbors and friends.


Our campaign has had an incredible amount of momentum in the past month, from all across the district, with our neighbors, Republicans and Democrats, coming together to give Northeast Tallahassee a voice on our County Commission. 


We need all hands on deck to win, and with your help, we can get our new ad out to thousands of voters in our district.

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