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I want to introduce you to my husband Brian. He's a high school history teacher at Chiles High School here in District Four. He's taught many of your kids, and even been the voice of the Chiles Timberwolves for eight years. 

I want to introduce you to my husband Brian...

Brian and I met in 1998, when he was working as an attendant at the Killearn Country Club. Five years after that, we decided to get married on the same Golf Course we met on. Since then, our family has grown to Chloe (14), Cameron (12), and Carter (8). 

Brian has always been a great father and husband, but what I've always loved most about Brian is that he's never been afraid to speak up for what's rightWhen Brian started speaking up about how Northeast Leon County needed parks and sidewalks for our kids, people told him to stay quiet for fear of upsetting powerful politicians.

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Brian didn't stay quiet.

He spoke up, and after long conversations with our family, we decided to run against a fourteen year incumbent politician for Leon County Commission.

Many people told us that Brian would never win against the established political machine that has neglected our district for over a decade. But that hasn't stopped us, and it won't stop him from winning in November.

Brian is a fighter, and with your help, he'll fight for our families and our values on the Leon County Commission. 

Will you help us get the word out about Brian's grassroots campaign for change by liking our campaign Facebook page to stay informed on the race?

We won't stay quiet anymore. 

Together, we can win for Leon County families in November,

Together, we win for Leon County families in November,

Kim Welch

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