For the first time in it's history, Killearn Estates has issued a statement denouncing their County Commissioner in response to his last minute support for tripling density in the Welaunee development.

"It is the unanimous belief of the Killearn Homes Association Board that Commissioner Bryan Desloge has failed to represent our neighborhood. "

“Desloge has been absent in our meetings, absent in our community, and absent in representing his constituents in Killearn"


"For the first time in 14 years, Desloge must go through an election, with a challenger to his seat in Brian Welch. Welch has been a vocal critic of the Northeast Gateway and the lack of public engagement and representation of Northeast residents. Welch is a KHA property owner and has a long-time investment in our community where he met and married his wife. The future of our community is at stake on Election Day."

-Killearn Homes Association

10/16/2020 (Source: Tallahassee Democrat)

Statement from KHA 

Brian's Killearn Plan

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My plan for Killearn is to listen to residents and provide what Killearn residents need, not what developers want.


I have heard my neighbors in Killearn loud and clear when they say they have very serious concerns about the impact of traffic from the Welaunee comp plan amendment tripled density.


My mom lives in Killearn. Her and I own the house together. Before the pandemic, when our kids used to be able to spend more time with her, our kids would go over to her house for hours and play about the neighborhood.


We already have a speeding problem in Killearn, and even before the tripled density of the Welaunee comp plan amendment, there were concerns about the increase in vehicular traffic and cut-through speeding in the neighborhood.


Now, with the tripled density, which my opponent enthusiastically supported, Killearn and the future of Welaunee are at a crossroads. Killearn residents have asked for the adoption of a "stop gap clause" added to the comp plan amendment, which I support. This amendment would guarantee that no development can exceed the 2045 Killearn traffic model in terms of commercial real estate square footage and residential unit count. This would go a long way to restore trust in Killearn residents and the Blueprint project, but unfortunately our County Commissioner does not support it.

I also support finally finishing the sidewalks in Killearn, especially in areas like Raymond Diehl, which have kids walking to bus stops in the morning, with cars going fast, and no sidewalks for them to walk in safety. If elected, I will work in coordination with the City and Blueprint to ensure we finish the sidewalks Killearn residents know we need, particularly in all Killearn outlet roads. 

We're campaigning how we will run our County Commission office, and that starts with public input.


I'm proud to have hosted two Killearn Estates townhalls, taking questions and getting feedback from Killearn residents and members of the Killearn Homes Association Board of Directors to see how the County can get more involved in our neighborhood.

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