Our Northeast Issues

Parks and Recreational Enhancements

Northeast Tallahassee desperately needs a park with some ballfields, playground equipment and open space for our families and children to enjoy. As far as I can tell, there is not one public baseball field in District 4. How can that possibly be? Our only option is Meridian Park, which is overcrowded and inadequate to accommodate the demand for recreational sports and athletic teams. 

The same applies to the Bradfordville Community Center, which is actually a 150 year old, 400 square foot school house. It is incapable of serving the needs of the community and is 3 times smaller than the average community center in Leon County.

I will make enhancing our public recreational facilities a top priority. 


Safe Communities and Neighborhoods


Every family deserves to live in a safe neighborhood where they can raise a family. As your commissioner, I’m committed to fighting for the resources we need to keep our community safe from crime and tragic accidents that result from speeding cars racing through our neighborhood streets. I’m proud to have the endorsement of the Big Bend Police Benevolent Association and I promise that as your next County Commissioner, I’ll make community safety a top priority — because it’s what I want for my family, too.

I support our law enforcement officers and want to make sure that they are given the proper training and funding to effectively carry out their duty to protect our community. I think the vast majority of our officers are good, honest, decent public servants who are often put into very difficult situations that require split second decisions. They deserve to be respected and supported by their elected leadership and I will do that. I am opposed to consolidation.

Smart Growth and Development

Northeast Tallahassee simply cannot continue to face the onslaught of relentless development. We constantly see new houses and new buildings pop up along our roadways and next to our neighborhoods without any regard for the traffic and quality of life impacts that these developments create. Everyone wants to live in NE Tallahassee because we have great schools, safe and secure neighborhoods and a beautiful environment. However, all of these are threatened if we allow this pattern to perpetuate. 

We deserve leadership that will make us a priority and protect our established neighborhoods like Killearn and Summerbrooke. With the anticipated Welaunee development coming over the next several years, it is more important than ever that we say enough is enough. We must have a seat at the table and encourage balanced and responsible growth. 

Community Engagement

Folks who live in NE Tallahassee too often feel disconnected from the decision making process that impacts their lives. The decisions that threaten our community are often made at 3:00 meetings on a weekday afternoon at locations far outside our community. Our elected officials are responsible for meeting us where we are and ensuring that we know are well-informed about the decisions impacting us. 

Our elected officials should do everything in their power to ensure that people have an opportunity to participate. They should have important meetings in the communities they impact. They should make public comment easily available and abundant. We should have office hours within our community, not just at the Courthouse. 

I will make every effort to communicate with people and keep every impacted neighborhood aware of issues. 

Fiscal Management

Our County Commissioner needs to be accountable for the tax dollars that we pay and ensure that we get a return on our investment. We shouldn’t be subsidizing big, insider development deals and unnecessary projects at the expense of basic, fundamental neighborhood infrastructure like parks, roads and sidewalks. 


We need to have an effective plan for responding to the devastating impact that Covid has had on our business community. Specifically, how are we going to help our restaurant and hospitality workers who have seen the biggest hits. Masks are an effective way to stop transmission of the disease. We should continue to wear follow the public health experts advice with the usage of masks. Businesses also need clarity on the mask mandate about the criteria for its relaxation and the reopening of our businesses. They deserve to be included in the process for how we responsibly mitigate the impacts of Covid on their businesses and the community and we should do everything we can to identify ways to help them out.