Our Digital Action Plan

We are running a scrappy campaign during a global pandemic against an entrenched political establishment. It is not going to be easy. It is going to take all of us working together to get the word out to our neighbors and friends. 

We need all hands on deck to win, and here are some ways you can help us win with just your iPhone!

Social Media - Talking to Voters

Share these links in Facebook threads about the race, Brian or his opponent

When people want more information about Brian and our campaign

(Undecided Voters)

1. Talk about why you are personally supporting Brian and how you want your county government to serve you differently

2. Link to Brian Welch’s campaign site:

Brian Welch is husband, father, and school teacher at Chiles High School. He's running to bring our neighbors voices-- Northeast Leon County to the County Commission. You can learn more about Brian's campaign and issues on his website at: https://welchforleon.com

3. Link to the Tallahassee Democrat editorial board:

Check out the Tallahassee Democrat editorial board. 


When people ask how they can help Brian win

(Voters Supporting Brian)

1. Ask for a contribution to Brian's grassroots campaign:

Thank you! Brian is running a very competitive race, but he won't stand a chance against the political establishment if he can't get his message out. Would you be able to contribute to Brian's campaign? Contributions help us buy digital ads which get Brian's message out! http://shr.ly/contribute

2. Point them to this page!

We need help getting Brian's message out about change on our County Commission. Check out the link below to see how you can help get his message out! www.WelchforLeon.com/digital

3. Ask if they want a yard sign:

Show your support for Brian Welch with a yard sign! http://shr.ly/yardsign

4. Help us find participants and organizations for upcoming Zoom townhalls.

Do you want to participate in a Zoom townhall? Are you a member of an organization (social, political, neighborhood/HOA, etc) that may be interested in being part of a public Zoom townhall with Brian?


If so, email welchforleoncounty@gmail.com with: your name, your phone number, and your e-mail address.

Welch Digital2.jpg

How to Increase the Chances that your Friends will see Brian's Facebook Posts on Facebook

1. Make Sure you "Like" Brian's Facebook Page!

2. Invite your Facebook friends to "Like" Brian's Facebook page. You can do this by visiting our Facebook page, and clicking the "Community" tab on the upper right hand side under the search bar, then scroll down and hit "Invite Friends".

3. Interact with the campaigns Facebook page by liking, sharing, and commenting on our campaign's content. Tag your friends who you think might be interested in learning more. 

4. Facebook Live and Facebook video content is the most effective way to get into the Facebook streams of other users. By sharing this content shortly after it is posted, it vastly increases the likelihood of others seeing it. If you see Brian go live, make sure to share the video and interact with it. 

5. Share Brian's content to local Tallahassee, Leon County and Northeast neighborhood Facebook groups.