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Commissioner Bryan Desloge voted to support a rezoning next to Summerbrooke, which allowed for multi family homes and a huge commercial shopping center on Bull Headley and Bannerman Road. All before he ever delivered on his promise to widen Bannerman Road. He promised 14 years ago to widen Bannerman Road, and we're still waiting.

 "We're up here to represent the 270-280,000 people in this county, and as much as it hurts that there's a group in Summerbrooke that does not like this, I think a lot of this is maybe that they don't like what they don't understand."

Leon County Commissioner Bryan Desloge

Brian's Bannerman Road Plan

Watch Bannerman Road Neighborhood Townhalls with Brian Welch

My plan for the Bannerman Road community neighborhoods like Summerbrooke, Golden Eagle, Killearn Lakes, McBride Estates, and more,  is to listen to residents and provide what residents need, not what developers want.

We should not approve another rezoning or site plan prior to the Bannerman Road Widening project being much closer to being done. Our schools cannot take more students, and our roads cannot take more vehicles prior to being expanded. We can't build out more residential units on Bannerman until our roadway has the capacity to take them.

That's why I support expediting the widening of Bannerman Road as soon as possible. I am also very worried about the expansion of development on the Cawthon property, as well as any additional units being built behind Chiles prior to any road widening occuring. The County needs to do everything we can to mitigate the negative impacts on our noise, traffic, water quality and safety we can as these developments begin construction.

We're campaigning how we will run our County Commission office, and that starts with public input.


I'm proud to have hosted a Killearn Lakes townhall and Summerbrooke Townhall, taking questions and getting feedback from our Bannerman Road community residents to see how the County can get more involved in our neighborhood.

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