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“I will fight everyday for our values, our

families, and our safety. I hope

you’ll join us.”


We need a commissioner who lives in our district.

I met my wife Kim working at the Killearn Country Club in 1998 and we were married on the golf course in 2003. We are raising three beautiful children that attend Northeast public schools and I have worked as a teacher at Chiles High School for the past 13 years. 


For families that live in the Northeast and contribute so much to our community, the challenges and needs of our district are obvious. So why are our issues not a priority for our current Commissioner?


I’m not a politician. I won’t make deals with developers that negatively impact our neighbors. I’ll be right here, in our district, whenever you have a concern.

It’s time that we stop taking Northeast Tallahassee for granted, and start addressing its needs, while recognizing the value it brings to our entire community.

I will work for you. I won’t waste our tax dollars to subsidize private development at the expense of our children and safety.

The truth is our current Commissioner will never deliver on parks, a community center or a swimming pool for the Northeast. He won’t work to slow down speeding cars that cut through our neighborhoods. Because what’s important to us, doesn’t benefit his developer  friends. 


Developers continue to try to walk all over us. I believe in smart growth and there is nothing smart about cutting your constituency out of the conversation. 


I want to be your voice. I will stand up and say “enough is enough” to this wasteful spending that is ruining our quality of life in the Northeast, reducing our property values.


Developments backed by special interests are threateningthe character of our great

Northeast neighborhoods

Whether like Killearn Estates, Ox Bottom, Summerbrooke and Killearn Lakes, these same power players continue to run rampant in the Northeast. We moved to the Northeast to get away from the City hustle and bustle. We do not want to live in Orlando or Tampa. We want to live in Leon County's great northeast neighborhoods.

It's time we had a say about issues that impact our neighborhoods and families
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I will deliver a Northeast Park and infrastructure that supports Northeast families.

If I’m elected, we won’t have to fill Killearn United Methodist Church to oppose the next reckless development that our current county commissioner is supporting.

I won’t let development interests threaten our quality of life and I will keep you informed long before issues arise. I will fight alongside you to protect the character of our neighborhoods.


I'm a husband and father of Chloe (14), Cameron (12), Carter (8). I want to ensure they have the best future possible.


Fourteen years ago, the last time my opponent faced Northeast voters, he promised as his number one priority that he was going to build a park for the Northeast.

Before running, I remember thinking that my daughter, who is now fourteen herself, has never had the chance to play in this Northeast Park That Never Was. 

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